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Book of the Month Ogie Saves Christmas

The first adventure with our Ogie Ogie helps Santa

When all the reindeer that guide Santa’s sleigh, including Rudolph, come down with the flu it looks like Christmas might be cancelled. After searching the globe to find a solution, one elf called Molly thinks she may have the answer, Ogie. But does Santa believe that Ogie has the power to save Christmas?

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Ogies goes to the dentist The new adventure with our Ogie

Ogie comes back with a new adventure! The poor boy has really bad tooth ache, but he doesn’t want to go to the dentist. What he and his friend Kokanee go through to try to help will soon be in your bookstore or on this website!

Hello, my name is Platypus The first story of our new hero

Platty of Plattypüssen is a very courageous platypus, living with his family in a river in Australia…until one day a big storm surprises him. Follow the first adventure of the little guy soon.

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